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Play Geometry Dash now and experience the thrilling rhythm-based platform challenge. Dodging spikes and collecting coins to unlock new levels!

Geometry Dash Overview

Geometry Dash is one of the most popular rhythm-based games these days. Players can enjoy the catchy rhythm by trying to control a geometric shape (cube, ball, or UFO) and pass all obstacles. There are many types of obstacles in this game for players to conquer, such as spikes, gaps, nails, and others. Relax with Geometry Dash after working flat out right now!

Geometry Dash History: Rhythm Race

Geometry Dash, a musical adventure game created by Robert Topala, launched in 2013 on mobile platforms (later added to PC/Mac). Players control icons that move in rhythm, overcoming obstacles using simple operations. Although initially not very successful, Geometry Dash has gradually attracted a large number of players.

  • The original version (1.0) offered 7 levels and was continuously developed throughout 2013 with new game modes, obstacles, and levels such as "Time Machine" and "Clutterfunk".
  • 2014 saw further expansion with "Electroman Adventures" and the iconic level "Clubstep". New features, such as map packs and geometric shapes, are also introduced.
  • 2015 and 2017 continued to record major updates (Deadlocked, Geometrical Dominator, Fingerdash). Additional game modes, obstacles, and customization options help keep players engaged.

To this day, Geometry Dash remains a popular title, constantly growing thanks to both official updates and fan-created content. Simple but challenging gameplay, catchy music, and a vibrant community of players are the main factors that create the appeal of Geometry Dash.

Main Features: fantastic graphics and sounds

  • Geometry Dash is an amazing rhythm-based action game platform.
  • Cubes, balls, and several demon varieties are just a few of the unique mechanisms and forms that players may experiment with.
  • Stages from simple to difficult may assist players in testing their abilities over a range of challenges and pushing their boundaries to the very maximum.
  • Your every leap and rush is propelled by pulsating tunes that flawlessly match the action.
  • An engaging and difficult experience is produced via risk-rewarding games. The movement of the cube flawlessly synchronizes with the background music's rhythm.  

Rhythm-infused Platforming Gameplay

Geometry Dash offers a unique blend of platforming and rhythmic gameplay. In this fast-paced game, the player's primary goal is to stay clear of all spikes, gaps, and other obstacles. Besides, players need to gather stars to unlock new levels and icons and master rhythm to raise their score.

Game modes

You'll control various geometric shapes, each with its own movement abilities. To make this icon leap over all barriers, players simply need to manipulate a Geometric cube and click the mouse, or use the spacebar. Here's how you navigate the obstacles:

  • Cube: Tap or click to jump over gaps and spikes.
  • Spaceship: To ascend higher, hold down the mouse or button.
  • Ball: Roll and alter gravity while in the ball's form.
  • UFO: Make short, incremental jumps for precise control.
  • Wave: Move in a zigzag fashion up and down, following the music's rhythm.
  • Robot: Perform jumps of varying heights, adapting to different obstacles.
  • Spider: Teleport to the closest ceiling, a handy trick for overcoming high gaps.

Tips and tricks to pass all difficult levels

Levels in Geometry Dash were rated according to increasing complexity. Easy levels provide a difficulty of about 2 stars. The ones that get a 3-star rating are considered Normal. Hard levels are those that, when finished, provide 4 or 5 stars. Insane levels provide 8 or 9 stars upon completion. Levels marked as "Demon" yield 10 stars upon completion. The degrees of Demon are divided into six levels: Easy Demon, Medium Demon, Hard Demon, Insane Demon, and Extreme Demon.

Players must put in more practice if they want to pass any level, particularly challenging ones like Demon. You may advance your abilities and conquer each level by playing Geometry Dash more often. Remember to pay attention to the rhythm; timing leaps and taking off to the beat are crucial. Do not disregard your mistakes. After making a mistake, reflect on it and work to develop a good plan for the next time. By using their past experiences as a guide or learning tool, players may also effortlessly complete every level. 

How to collect coins effectively

In Geometry Dash, there are 1, 2, or 3 coins for every level. Players must plan ahead and be well-prepared in order to gather them all. By paying close attention to each level's instructions, which include details on when coins will emerge and how to gather them, you may forecast when coins will arrive. You can also collect coins more easily by listening to a rhythm. Alternatively, you might consult past players who have mastered coin collection at these levels to get insight. 

How to control Geometry Dash

  • SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump
  • HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump
  • UP Arrow = Steer vehicle up
  • DOWN Arrow = Steer vehicle down

All Geometry Dash levels

Geometry Dash eases you in with Stages 1-3 (The Basics). These levels are designed to familiarize you with the core mechanics of jumping, boosting, and flipping gravity. As you progress to Levels 4-6 (Increasing Difficulty), you'll encounter more complex obstacles, faster speeds, and a need for sharper reflexes.

Levels 7-8 (The First Bosses) raise the bar even further. Here, mastering basic gameplay won't be enough. You'll need to develop strategies, react with precision, and conquer your first boss battles to move forward.

Get ready to push your skills in Levels 9-13 (Challenging Platforming). These levels throw intricate level designs, swift movements, and unique themes at you, demanding strong reflexes and platforming mastery.

The challenge intensifies in Levels 14-15 (The Second Bosses). Brace yourself for even tougher boss fights that will test your honed abilities to the limit.

Finally, Levels 16-21 (The Final Stages) represent the most difficult challenges that can be found in Geometry Dash. Only the most skilled players will be able to conquer these levels, which often have demanding requirements to even attempt.

Popular Geometry Dash Spin-offs

Developers produced amazing spin-offs, like Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Subzero, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash Meltdown, to satisfy gamers' requests for new games with the same rules as Geometry Dash.

  • With the limited ability to customize characters, users may build and play unique user-generated levels in Geometry Dash Lite, which has 21 levels.
  • Version 2.0 of the original game included additional levels and features, which are rewarded with new coins in Geometry Dash Meltdown.
  • There are two planets in Geometry Dash World, each with five levels and a large selection of character customization options.
  • There are three stages in Geometry Dash Subzero, and the player may discover the mysteries of the icy realm.