Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Devil Dash



When you play Devil Dash, you should be ready to go on a journey that is full of risky situations that you never saw coming. This is an enjoyable platformer game that uses the peculiar cube character from "Geometry Dash" to create an intriguing challenge. "Level Devil"'s tight platforming served as inspiration. To successfully complete this game, you will need to become an expert at accurate leaps and overcome gravity-defying obstacles to make it to the wing that marks the end of the level. It just seems easy, doesn't it? We recommend avoiding subjectivity, being cautious, and responding quickly. Each level introduces new traps, necessitating quick adaptation to survive. One mistake can lead to an immediate downfall. Start now to demonstrate your capabilities to everyone!

How To Play

  • To jump, use the up arrow or spacebar.
  • To return, use the A/left arrow.
  • To move forward, use the D/right arrow.

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To pass each Devil Dash level, you must do it well. Regardless of how challenging the problems may be, it forces you to maintain your composure and keep pushing ahead. Are you prepared to take on the very difficult obstacles that "Devil Dash" has to offer and demonstrate your abilities by crossing the finish line? Next, give some of our other games from our platform collections a go!

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