Geometry Dash 1.5

Geometry Dash 1.5

Geometry Dash 1.5

Geometry Dash 1.5



Geometry Dash 1.5 will bring you the most complete experience in the remake of the famous obstacle course game, Geometry Dash. This game was created by developer griffpatch on the Scratch platform. Players will control an initial cube and begin a difficult adventure. Because it only includes the most basic levels, the object shape in Geometry Dash 1.5 only has two states: the cube and the ship.

This game is a completely free version that allows players to experience the popular original game to its fullest. You will have to face deadly spikes, continuously jump on short steps, move through narrow tunnels, and pass through portals. Besides, jumping balls can make the object's movement more difficult to navigate.

The marvelous feature

  • Geometry Dash 1.5 includes the first three levels of the original game: Stereo Madness, Back on Track, and Polargeist.
  • Players can maneuver the entity in three ways: the left-click, the spacebar, or the up arrow. This will give players the right to choose command keys according to your preferences and habits.

How To Play

  • Always be ready. Challenges in the game will take place continuously, so players need to have high concentration to have timely navigation commands.
  • Music can act as a springboard for the character's movements. However, if it causes interference for you, turn off the music for the most satisfying experience.
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