Square dash

Square dash

Square dash

Square dash



Square Dash is an extremely attractive hurdle jumping game with a vertical track. Players join in with an automatic sliding straight square. You will need to get past as many spikes as possible. The speed of the object will gradually increase along the path you conquer. The round ends if a collision occurs.

Square Dash requires players to have precise timing to control operations. At the same time, sharp reflexes are also essential to having a quality shot. In the end, what's more satisfying than surpassing your previous achievements?

How To Play

Players click on the screen to maneuver the object to jump between two sides of a straight path. There are some tips that can help you increase your score:

  • Look ahead a certain distance to identify as many spikes as possible.
  • Do not click continuously without purpose. This can confuse you.
  • Do not challenge multiple times in a short period of time. Please relax and try again in your best condition.

The top 100 people with the best achievements will be recorded on the game system. Become the highest ranked person, why not? Get your game on now and reach it!

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